Firstly, why should You embark on a Yomaste Yoga Retreat?!

So you’ve been learning Yoga for a while now, and you would like to take your practice to the next level – where you learn to Cleanse your body internally, and immerse yourself deeply into Asana, Pranayam & Meditation. These are practices that once learned will help you throughout life. Importantly though, you don’t need to be an expert at Yoga at all; even first-timers can join us!

Our Retreats are never restricted to just Yoga & Meditation. They embody the principle of Celebrating Life to the fullest – and so we ensure that there are Dance sessions, Movie screenings, Trekking, Cultural trips, Yummy food and other activities. You’ll also enjoy community-time and bonding. And of course, there’s the need for all of us to getaway and find ourselves!

In May 2015, we led a Retreat in Rishikesh – “Unplug”, whichincluded Trekking, White-water Rafting et al. And in November 2015, we led a Yoga+Meditation retreat in Mcleodganj – “Himalayan Yoga Adventure”. In May 2016, we led 43 Yogis to a Yoga & Trekking adventure at Ladakh, including a once-in-a-lifetime Yoga class at the Pangong Lake In Nov, 2016 we led a Yoga, Travel & Cultural Retreat to Darjeeling & Sikkim, whilst in May 2017, we went out to Bali!

Yomaste Bhutan is an event created by Byond Travel and Total Yoga. All the detailed planning and execution comes together thanks to Byond Travel’s expertise in the Travel Industry as an out-of-the-box, Community-driven travel company that is focused on creating very, very special Travel experiences! The Journey begins Now! We’ll kick-start from July onwards with regular training events to get you Trek-Fit including Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation sessions; Run+Yoga training; Day Treks and much more! You’ll also meet the community of fellow travellers at these events in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi & Dubai


Trip Dates: Feb 28- March 4,2017 


This HOLI celebrate the ‘Festival of Colours’ on the Ganges riverbanks in Rishikesh! A truly memorable occasion to explore Rishikesh – aptly titled as ‘the World Capital of Yoga’.

For the last 3 years, Total Yoga and Byond Travel have created Yoga & Meditation retreats in spectacular locations including Ladakh, Bhutan, Bali, Mcleodganj, Darjeeling. They include Trekking and Cultural experiences that bring together like-minded Travellers.

At Yomaste Rishikesh, we’ll spend time doing Yoga outdoors with the Himalayas all around and experience Chakras Meditation to Gongs on the Full Moon night of Holi. We’ll also participate in the International Yoga Festival that happens in Rishikesh at that time.

Rishikesh is also called the adventure capital of India – we’ll be Trekking and River-rafting! And we’ll celebrate HOLI in the Ganges.

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RSVP: +91 97409 80200 to speak with us. You can also write to is you have any queries to be answered

Feb 28: Arrival at the ‘Ganga Kinare’ Resort.
+ Guided Culture walk alongside the Ganges till Triveni Ghat to witness the grand evening Aarti attended by locals of Rishikesh

Mar 1: SUNRISE YOGA + DETOX Kriyas morning
CHAKRAS Meditation session to GONGS; outdoors under the Full Moon!
+ This afternoon a Ganga Snan (Holy Dip) at the private ghat.

Mar 2: River RAFTING
+ Exploring INT’L YOGA FEST & HOLI celebration as part of the Yoga Fest on Ganga banks & Sunset Aarti (Prayers)

Mar 3: post-brekkie TREK, outdoors Yoga, Meditation
Picnic Lunch.
+ Closing Night: Music & Dance under the Full Moon

Mar 4: Yoga retreat ends

Early bird price of Rupees 34,990 (else the cost is Rs 37,990)
The cost includes everything in the retreat; except your flights to Dehradun (the airport is 90 mins from Rishikesh town)