‘Yogi Trek’ was conceptualized as an outdoor fitness cum meditative experience – to take yogis outside the yoga studio!

Yoga in the Himalayas, Total Yoga, Yogi Trek

Yogis and Mountains!

The Ancient Yogis did a lot of trekking and walking in the Himalayas; however as modern yogis we find that our range of physical training is limited to asanas. So in order to have a well-rounded natural fitness experience as well as to do Pranayam outdoors; we introduced monthly Yogi Treks to places around Bangalore city. We also found that Meditation happened spontaneously to students in the great outdoors  as compared to in the studio classes!

Yogi Trek, Total Yoga, Yoga in India

Nandi Hills

This Yogi Trek we are going to Nandi Hills. It’s the most iconic hill in Bangalore – and a mandatory tourist destination for us Bangaloreans – only this time we’re not going as tourists, but as Yogis! The hill rises more than 4800 ft above sea level and is an ancient hill fortress. It’s approximately 60 km from Bangalore; just past the B’lore Int’l Airport. The legendary Tipu Sultan had his fortress here; and there’s a precipitous fall called Tipu Drop – off which he threw down traitors to their death!

We’ll be trekking up the hill nearly 2 hours followed by Yoga & Meditation; then Brunch at the restaurant atop Nandi hill; and then return down.

Timing: Departure from Total Yoga Indiranagar 6:15am – Return 1pm

Mode of transport: Car-pooling

Things to carry: Trekking shoes; Fruits, Energy Bars, Water, Cap & Yoga Mat! (Avoid wearing shorts)