TOTAL YOGA Corporate Workshops are unique, customized Yoga programs that are designed to re-energize employees and bring back the fun and joy of working! Often, corporate employees wear a jaded look. It’s the result of years of work stress and continuous deadlines. Total Yoga corporate programs seek to address this issue by treating each session as an un-learning process, and not another corporate skills-learning event!

Desktop Yoga

Desktop Yoga is our signature corporate workshop that is done right at your workstation. We’ve pioneered Desktop Yoga pan-India as a program that allows everyone to experience Yoga at their workstation. Watch this video to learn more about Office Yoga! At a time we engage all the employees of a particular bay in an interactive 25 min Stretch and Breathing session. All that is needed is for the employees to turn off their monitors and participate in the Desktop Yoga! It’s a great way to introduce Yoga to all the employees and to gauge whether they are interested in committing to a comprehensive yoga program.

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness events involve a complete Yoga experience with Asanas & Pranayam (like in a studio class), along with Nutritional and Lifestyle talks. They can be held at your Office or during an Off-Site event or conference. These are great especially when you host a Wellness week at office.

Total Yoga Corporate Programs involve comprehensive yoga sessions conducted 3 times a week at your Office. We go through a well-planned program of Asanas, Pranayam and Meditation that helps each participant overcome niggling backaches and other physical issues. It also promotes relaxing mentally to rejuvenate and become more focused at work.


Life Coaching through an in-depth understanding of Yoga is another exclusive offering meant for Management folks. This is done usually in a Personal Training mode, or for small groups of Leaders.

Mindful is a Mindfulness, Yoga and Leadership Training program that is designed specifically for Managers. The program is a combination of Onsite workshops culminating in an Offsite Leadership retreat.

We discuss with your HR Manager and understand the breadth and depth of your company’s needs and then we design the yoga program accordingly. You can Contact us through mail or phone, and we’ll schedule an appointment to discuss the yoga program.



In October 2017, Festo India hosted three major global events in Bangalore and one of the highlights in all the three events was a "Yoga Session". The participants in these events came from different parts of the European Region, South East Asia and the Americas. Each of these sessions had close to 30 to 35 global participants and in total, there were close to 100 of them. For many, this was a first trip to India and we wanted to give them an unique experience through this yoga session, apart from the other Indian cultural experiences. We could not have found anyone better to do these sessions for us other than "Total Yoga“. This indeed, is a fact based on our experience of all these sessions and which could also be substantiated by the very positive feedbacks received. Manish Pole, through his unique and unparalled style of teaching, brought in a very balanced approach to these sessions – it was neither "familiarly boring" for someone who had already been exposed and neither "challenging" for the majority of those, who were experiencing yoga for the first time. At the end of it all, everyone took something for themselves, whether experienced in yoga or not and this could be truly attributed to the rich and vast knowledge of Manish Pole on the subject of yoga. Manish blended in the concept of "mindfulness" very beautifully in to these sessions, which made it all the more interesting for the participants. His passion for the subject and his genuine caring for the participants during the sessions, culminated in people carrying with them, a very positive opinion about the concept of yoga. I am extremely grateful to Manish, who in his very own wonderful style, added a very positive charm to the great Indian experience.

– Ashok Vasudevan, Managing Director ,Festo Global Production Centre

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