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What is a Yoga Festival? The way Yoga festivals are mushrooming all over the world; it’s really a cultural phenomenon that’s transcending the yoga space itself. In the past we did Yoga workshops, and then when there were enough yogis wanting to commit to a longer time; we did Yoga retreats. These were supposedly a chance to connect to your inner self – practice yoga and meditation in silence; eat healthy and perhaps take some Peace back with you to your insane daily life! Retreats focussed on the inner being and typically had 8-20 participants.

Yoga Festivals
Yoga Festivals

In the last 3 years, we’ve seen a totally new phenomenon – the Yoga Festival. This, whilst giving you the time to reflect in the midst of  nature – is meant to be a grand-scale Yoga celebration; almost a party! Community is the most important aspect here. Just like conferences, these  Festivals are packed with Yoga classes, Meditation workshops, Speakeasy sessions and perhaps most significantly they have an element of fun – so you have Music and Dance performances! This is where festivals become vehicles for people to enjoy themselves – whilst doing the thing that they really dig – YOGA!

What is Yoga Yatra? Yoga Yatra is a one-of-a-kind yoga festival that brings together the Yoga community in Bangalore. It is the first time that a Yoga festival is being hosted in India as a collaborative effort between yoga schools!

Yoga Yatra is a 3 day fest in the midst of nature that caters to Yoga Teachers, Freelancers and Yoga students. Hosted by Total Yoga and a1000Yoga; it is an initiative to have yogis attend classes of the different Yoga styles, Pranayam & Meditation sessions, Speakeasy conferences, Internal Cleansing Shatkarma practices as well as Indian Dance and Music programs. Also, there will be the option to purchase Yoga clothes and Organic products.

The festival will take place over the last weekend of August – Aug 30, 31 & Sept 1. It will be hosted at Yoga Nikaya which is a picturesque, verdant retreat center situated in Hosur on the outskirts of Bangalore. Over 3 days, all yogis will get a chance to rejuvenate through an immersion into yoga. There is also the option for students to join the retreat on Saturday morning – so as to attend the whole day and practice Shatkarma practices on Sunday morning. People will be reaching the venue through car-pooling which will be co-ordinated by the Yoga schools themselves.

The Schedule is on www.yogayatra.co ; Charges are Rs 3999 for the whole retreat (Fri, Sat, Sun) and Rs 2999 for Sat & Sun. Kids are welcome as there will be yoga and other activities for the children to do.

For registrations please visit www.yogayatra.co or write in to director@total-yoga.org , info@a1000yoga.com; or call +91 9900097056 , +91 9019101000. See you there yogis!

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Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.



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