Yoga Trends here to stay

Fitness is a fast growing industry. New workouts are being created, but many of them fade too soon. But, let me tell you, “Yoga is here to stay!!” Every year we see yoga fads like Beer yoga, Goat yoga, Nude yoga, Pole yoga, Paddle yoga and so many more. These trends become viral and, they eventually die down. As there is no additional value being added.

They’re practiced to bring some noveau factor to yoga. Or to develop a USP for yoga studios. Some stay strong and some fade away. But, there are some yoga trends that are here to stay!! They are here for good and because of their additional value to yoga enthusiasts.

Trends here to stay

1. Props in Yoga

Iyengar yoga introduced props in yoga, to help people get comfortable in the posture and maintain alignment. They were the basic props like belt, cushions, yoga bricks, etc. And overtime, more props are being added to yoga like, yoga wheel, bridge bench, bolsters, etc. Thus, using props allows everyone to achieve the  benefits of a posture; regardless of their physical condition or age. Thus, you can be sure that props are here to stay!!

Yoga props, Bane or Boon, Use props or Ditch props,

2. Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga involve simple stretches while seated on the hammock and a lot of inversions. Anyone who has practiced yoga and then tried aerial yoga, can vouch that it is challenging. Because gravity is working harder on your body than usual, your muscles work harder too.

Aerial yoga is also a great core workout because you have to engage your core muscles to balance and stabilize yourself during your yoga session. Besides, it subtely adds grace to your poses!

anti-gravity yoga, aerial yoga

3. Yoga apps

A lot of people are sceptical about using yoga apps. On the other hand, the spurt of yoga apps and subscribers reflect their surge. For anyone who travels a lot or has no decent yoga studios, would love to be guided through a sequence of asanas. Besides, these apps reach a wider audience and gives yoga more accessibility. Like it or not, Yoga apps are going to around. 🙂

yoga apps, technology meets yoga

4. Yoga Retreats

Travel has undergone a major makeover. People are travelling with a purpose. There is Staycations, Work-vacations, Spiritual-vacations, Yoga-retreats, Travel with strangers and so many more. Thus, travelling and practicing yoga in a foreign land in the nature is one of the hottest trends. And it is an emerging industry, the travel agents recognize this and are adding it to their catalogues. It is a great way to explore fitness, wellness and a new place!!

5. Yoga in open spaces

Traditionally, yoga was practiced indoors. But in the recent years, people are going to the beaches, parks, tearraces and open spaces to practice yoga. As it gives us all a chance to connect with the nature and ourselves!! Outdoor gyms may not stay forever, but you will surely find yoga being practiced in midst of mother nature. 🙂

Awesome yoga photos, simple tips for better photos

It is fun trying new yoga trends. But, it is important not to lose the essence of yoga! Modern yogis are now on a spree of adding new twists to this age-old practice. If it deepens your practice then it will stay. But, some of the new trends, disappear before we can blink.

Practice anything that makes your heart sing and keeps you fit inside out.

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