Yoga trends or fads?

In 2016  -2017, we have seen traditional yoga hold steady. While many yoga fads are popping up. Latest yoga trends have included yoga with goats, beer yoga, TRX yoga, broga (yoga for men), MMA yoga, naked yoga just to name a few and you often wonder why and if they are here to stay. For true yoga enthusiasts and purists, there are plenty of classes out there to practice pranayama and asana, but for everyone else there are a lot of new choices out there.

Why new trends in the Science called Yoga

Much of these trends show the creativity and innovation of yoga teachers and business owners. But since people nowadays, have a shorter attention span, these new trends perhaps are merely an attempt to cover up boredom. In the past, yoga asanas and styles were invented by true masters with higher state of consciousness. Or at the very least from an incredible sensitivity to the flow of energy in the body. The new trends are usually developed over night without much thought and research or side effects considered.

Yoga has developed over the last five thousand years. In the last 10 years, as yoga has become more popular, most people have been doing yoga as a quick fix, more like stretch and strengthening classes. For example, combining a physical activity like yoga with drinking a craft beer is a trend that many brewers are embracing. As it opens up their brand to new patrons and new revenue streams. So what it boils down to is the increase in revenue. In these new yoga trends, it seems like yoga couldn’t drift any further from its roots.

These yoga styles are unusual and although they have quite the following it’s hard to take many of them very seriously. Although it’s easy to imagine that they bring happiness to everyone who take part.


It’s hard to imagine that yoga with animals would deepen your yoga practice. While asana is meant to be a tool for the mind to go inward such as focusing on your breath while practicing a handstand for example. Adding an unpredictable and less focused animal into the mix or beer and wine is a distraction.

In the end, whatever brings people to their yoga mats is a good thing. Perhaps someone’s very first yoga class starts in an animal shelter but ends with many years of serious practice. Start superficially and eventually you’ll end up in the same place as the world’s most spiritual yogis.

Slavicia Gokul

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Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.


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