Everyone loves doing Yoga to Live Music!

And when the music is the Blues; there’s a whole lot more character to the Yoga experience.

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Yogi Brunch

Total Yoga has been experimenting with having different genres of music played live in the class; and this time it’s the turn of the Blues. “Each class is anyways done to music; but having a Live musical performance – that too with the Teacher leading a dynamic Vinyasa sequence in tune to the music – elevates the entire class to a whole new meditative experience! And of course, practicing Meditation becomes effortless!” – Manish Pole, Total Yoga Teacher.

Anant Menon, Blues guitar and yoga, total yogaSo what do you get when an accomplished Blues Slide guitarist with a profound interest in Meditation decides to enliven up a yoga session – well Magic really! Anant Menon is an old hand in the Bangalore Blues scene. Currently playing with ‘Hoodoo Gas’; while in his Rock avatar; he plays for  a Bangalore staple Galeej Gurus . A born Blues man; with singing talent to match – its a privilege to be entertained by Anant!

YOGA-to-the-BLUES is part of the ongoing YOGI BRUNCH classes that are held at the Escape Hotel’s Brick Lane Grill. On Saturday, 10th Aug at 9:30am, Total Yoga hosts a 1 hour class followed by a sumptuous, healthy Brunch which is a great time to meet fellow yogis from around the city. And of course, the pool is always very inviting. Which makes YOGI BRUNCH the best way to kick-start your weekend in Bangalore!

PS: Reserve your place since only 20 students are allowed at a Yogi Brunch! Write to director@total-yoga.org or call +91-80-42415555.


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Total Yoga

Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.



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