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Why Remove Yoga From Its Roots?

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international day of yoga – june 21



The recent efforts of Indian Prime Minister Modi and his government to highlight world yoga day on a global scale have been lauded world over. Here’s one voice that has a complaint to make. This writer alleges that ‘dropping om & free from controversy’ approach is a clear case of dilution of Yoga that would eventually result in its death. To delve into his concern Read more>>>

Yogini Travels Solo rekindles her romance with hubby

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travelling yogini



This yogini offers insights on how her solo travels have made a difference, How exciting is it to travel alone and what her heart said at the end. Interesting to know read more>>>

Public Display of yoga

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public display of yoga



Tara Stiles spent a whole day inside a glass cube on the back of a truck driving around Manhattan to promote her collaboration with the W hotel chain. Apparently there’s a contest involved too. Read more>>>
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