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Beer tasting after yoga

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Happy Hour Yoga



A perfect ending to the week!! For yogis who love to indulge in seasonal brews, can sweat, twist, breathe, meditate, relax in shavasana; and next melt away in conversations over a couple of brewski’s. Read more>>>



New trend: Snow pile yoga

yoga, snow pile yoga, total yoga, fun yoga

snow pile yoga

You’ve been a regular on the mat? Here’s the challenge, pile up some snow bolt (no kidding) your mat to the pile and explore your asana prowess!!! It’s quite demanding of course. See how this yogi nailed it in style. Read more>>>






yoga, total yoga, video//yoga

video//yoga session in full swing



An interesting mix of art, expression, experience and yoga, Video//Yoga is part of a series of yoga classes taught side by side with video art, creating an immersive visual and yogic experience that activates and engages all the senses. Read more>>>

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