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Dear Yogis, we are going to collate the most important news on Yoga every day and present it to you for easy reading. Here’s everything that we find newsworthy in yoga today; and also a little bit of inspirational content with an occasional Wacky story thrown in for good measure (there’s plenty of those in the modern yoga world!!)


Andhra Pradesh organizes state-level yoga championship

AP organizes state-level yoga championship.
AP organizes state-level yoga championship.

Following the central government’s announcement declaring yoga as a sport, the Andhra Pradesh Yoga Association is now organizing a state-level yogasana championship between September 19 – 21.  The three-day event will witness Yoga students numbering around 500 from all districts performing several intricate asanas. Following the event, the AP state team will be picked to represent the state at the National Yogasana championship to be held at Mangalore in January. Read more here>> 




US Senator slams free yoga classes for government employees

Sen. Paul Rand slams govt. for offering free yoga to employees.
Sen. Paul Rand slams govt. for offering free yoga to employees.

US Senator Rand Paul recently slammed the US State Department for offering  free yoga classes to its employees , calling it a ‘wasteful government spending’. The senator, who is running for the Republican presidential nomination, targeted the spending in his “ Waste Report” has said that the free yoga classes, offered by various federal agencies  have cost the govt. over 150,000 USD since 2013. He has however, exempted the costs incurred by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Pentagon, as most classes are used for rehabilitating troops or military-related illnesses.  Read more here>> 



Body-Positive Yogi banishes all perceptions about the typical “Yoga Body”

Yogi Valerie banishes perceptions of typical 'yoga body' with body-positive message.
Yogi Valerie banishes perceptions of typical ‘yoga body’ with her body-positive message.

With the essence of the yoga fast being lost in the glorification of the willowy physiques termed as ‘yoga bodies’, body-positive yogi Valerie, helps redefines the stereotype through her transparency about her body and willingness to share her yoga practice with others, inspiring followers through her Instagram and website. The San Francisco based yogi, who calls herself Big Gal Yoga,  visually documents her practice so as to  “help encourage the people who never thought they could try yoga because they believed they had to look a certain way in society’s view.” Her uniquely honest and enlightening approach to practicing yoga has amassed over 65,000 social media followers who adore her inspiring message.  Read more here>> 





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