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Dear Yogis, we’re going to collate the most important news on Yoga everyday and present it to you for easy reading. Here’s everything that we find newsworthy in Yoga today; and also a little bit of Inspirational content with an occasional Wacky story thrown in for good measure (there’s plenty of those in the modern yoga world!!)

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93 year old Yoga teacher

Yoga has no age limit

A group of seniors (named ‘saints and sages’), of ages 71 to 91, have been practicing desktop yoga since 5 years. Instead of lying, sitting or standing on a mat, they work out while seated in a chair or standing beside it, one hand holding on for balance. Read more >>>


yoga, total yoga, baba ramdev, yoga india
Baba Ramdev, India’s Yoga icon

Yoga Guru Ramdev to live in a ministerial bungalow

The 49-year-old yoga guru, “Baba Ram Dev”, will be given status equivalent to Cabinet Minister in Haryana. The government plans to make it official and felicitate Ramdev in a grand ceremony in Panchkula on April 21. This means the saffron-robed yoga teacher will now be entitled to a ministerial bungalow and salary. Read more >>>


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PM Modi emphasizes the importance of Yoga at the UN General Assembly


Address global warming with Yoga, says Modi

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi says that in our measures against climate change, we are more likely to succeed if we offer affordable solutions. He finds yoga to have a direct impact at emission reduction as it awakens a sense of oneness and harmony with self, society and nature. He adds, changing our lifestyle and creating consciousness, can help us deal with climate change and create a more balanced world.” Read more >>>

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Total Yoga

Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.



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