Yoga News Daily 03rd July 2015

Dear Yogis, we are going to collate the most important news on Yoga every day and present it to you for easy reading. Here’s everything that we find newsworthy in yoga today; and also a little bit of inspirational content with an occasional Wacky story thrown in for good measure (there’s plenty of those in the modern yoga world!!)

Odisha to set up council for regulating yoga.

imagesThe Odisha government has proposed to set up a council for regulating yoga practice.This proposal received overwhelming response from the general public following celebration of International Yoga day. This council aims to formulate an Act that would, in effect “provide the regulatory framework for all aspects of yoga system…”. Read more here>>



Asia’s first Strala Yoga studio opens in Singapore.

Asia’s first Strala Yoga studio recently opened in Singapore
Asia’s first Strala Yoga studio recently opened in Singapore

The much celebrated Strala Yoga recently opened its first ever Asia studio in Singapore. Co-founded by  Suraya Sam and Jolene Lim, with Strala Yoga founder Tara Stiles, the studio aims to make yoga fun, accessible to people world over. Strala first became popular with its freeor-all video tutorials a few years ago and continues to be a phenomenal sensation world over with its unique combination style of free flow Hatha yoga and music.  Read more here>>





Virender Sehwag turns to Yoga!

Virender Sehwag turns to Yoga
Virender Sehwag turns to Yoga.

Indian Cricketer Virendra Sehwag became the latest sportsman to join the bandwagon of celebrities doing yoga. He recently tweeted a picture of himself doing the Shirshasana (Headstand). Read more about the ace batsman’s yoga sojourns here>>









We have more news tomorrow! 🙂

– Yashodhara Pawar


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