Worldwide, there’s been a movement to take Yoga outside of the studios and into the open parks! In the summer months; everywhere in America and Europe – Yogis stretch, sweat and breathe in the great outdoor parks. In India too, people practice in the mornings in parks although it tends to be more Pranayam practitioners.

YOGA-in-the-PARK Pune is a community initiative to take Yogis outside their regular yoga studios so that they can experience Yoga & Meditation in Joggers’ Park, Kalyaninagar. It’s also an opportunity for Yogis from various schools/ studios to meet and practice yoga together! Spearheaded by Total Yoga Pune, it’s an open event to which all Pune yogis are welcome!

We begin with a Run/ Jog/ Walk at 7:30am and start Yoga at 8am. Finishing 9am; we then go for a well-earned breakfast! :)

Time & Date: 07:30am, SATURDAY, 25 Jan

Venue: Joggers’ Park, Kalyaninagar

Yogi-gear: Please carry your Yoga mats and Water.

RSVP: Chinmayee Pai – +91 9503582479

Hope to see all you YOGIS in the PARK!