Yoga for Rock-Climbing

Climbing is one of the most intense and beneficial work-outs as you are pushed to the limit while trying to lift your entire body-weight up! It requires tremendous strength and also endurance and balance; apart from the overcoming of Fear that is inherent in the sport. Yogis were traditionally excellent climbers as they lived in the Himalayas! Of course modern yoga classes are also tremendously beneficial to cross-train for climbing.

Every climber craves for more Core strength, which Yoga is ideal for training in. Also, for climbing, Balance and Body-positioning are very vital. As you move from one hold to another – it’s important to be aware of your body-positioning. Yogic balance poses train us in this. Vinyasa Yoga (movement-based yoga sequences) trains us to move from one asana to another whilst maintaining our breath awareness. This is very important while transitioning from one hold to another on the rock /wall.

Finally, Meditation helps us to come face to face with our fears and once we have known them only then can we hope to overcome them. This is something that is highly beneficial whilst climbing since we are forced to let go and reach for another higher hold with our body. Meditation also gives us clarity of thought and that itself strengthens us as we are able to move with confidence and conviction and without doubt!

Total Yoga, Yoga for rock climbing, Veerabhadrasana
Veerabhadrasana (Warrior pose)


VEERABHADRASANA (Warrior pose) strengthens the Legs and Ankles.

–       Stand with your feet wide apart. Bend the front leg to about 90 degrees. Raise the hands over your head.

–       Tighten the back leg and hold the pose for about 1 minute whilst breathing deeply.

–       Then repeat on the other leg.

ARDHA CHANDRASANA (Half Moon pose) stretches and strengthens the hamstrings; while developing Balance.

–       From Veerabhadrasana, extend your front leg by straightening your leg and reach your hand down to the floor.

–       Stretch the other leg backwards. Hold the pose for about 1 minute whilst breathing deeply.

–       Then repeat on the other leg.


Total Yoga, Yoga for rock climbing, chakrasana, wheel pose
Chakrasana (Wheel pose)

CHAKRASANA (Wheel pose) strengthens the back

–       Most of the time in Climbing; the weight is felt on the front side of the body as you are moving forwards; so Chakrasana helps strengthen the back of the body.

–       Lie flat on your back. Place your palms (fingers facing the toes) beneath your shoulder blades.

–       Bend your knees. Raise your upper body and back by stretching your arms and legs.

–       Hold the pose for about 1 minute whilst breathing deeply.

–       On returning to the ground carefully; press your knees to your chest.



–       Sit with a straight back on the ground or on your chair.

–       Start counting deep breaths as you watch the stomach move outside while inhaling and inwards while exhaling.

–       Count down 11 breaths; reaching to 0. In case you forget your count; please start again at 11 breaths.


Enjoy Climbing! Enjoy Yoga!!

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Total Yoga

Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.



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