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A time for reflection …I  felt a deep sense of need to reflect on my yoga practice and consider what it is I do, my thoughts led me… where is love ?

This is what I found …..

We know yoga is more than just a set of physical postures. Its a philosophy of life and performing the postures is just a tool to maintain that harmony within our bodies. 

There is no single yoga philosophy, no one methodology; if  you study all the different types and schools from the most classical to the most modern, you will notice certain underlying similarities in all of them, whether they are physical or not.

Among the most classical types of yoga we can find: Karma Yoga (the yoga of action), Jnana Yoga (the yoga of wisdom) and Bhakti Yoga (the yoga of love and devotion).

Bhakti Yoga is a beautiful practice, most famously  practised by  Mother Theresa. It requires us to be compassionate, kind and love unconditionally. In this way we can open our hearts and fully live each moment of our lives, finding happiness in service and loving others.

By this practice, our responsibilities will stop being recognized as obligations and instead, they will add value and meaning to our lives.

As famously said by Mother Theresa, “It is not about how much we do but how much love we invest on each one of our actions”. AND “Best of all, by practising love we stop doing things for the expectation of results only, because love itself will become the best and only reward.”

How to Practice Bhakti Yoga?

Some people chant, pray, or use love based mantras during meditation. Others like to build simple and personal altars containing objects and pictures for inspiration, symbolic things that remind them of the value of love and compassion.

In order to practice it on daily basis, it is important to maintain some important questions in our minds:

Bhakti Yoga Symbols
Bhakti Yoga Symbols
  • Are we loving and compassionate when dealing with others?
  • Do we tend to label people?
  • Are we constantly judging their actions?
  • Are we really making an honest effort to understand them?
  • Do we think that people have to be or act in a certain way for us to love them?

And when we practice love, let’s not forget a very important person: yourself!!!!!

Each one of us is nothing but a miracle, so we all deserve to treat ourselves and to be treated with the highest standards of kindness and respect. The more we value ourselves the more we develop strength to let go of unhealthy relationships, attachments and fears. And the more we love ourselves the more we embrace all the good that comes into our lives.

-Author : Jagdeep Dosanjh-Badwal-


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Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.



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