As Yoga continues to help people all over the world to cope better with their stressful lives; we’re finding that Kids are also benefiting from this Ancient practice. Kids today are becoming increasingly home-bound in that they are spending a lot of time with Computer games, Xbox’es and the TV. So, that’s eating up into their outdoor PLAY time, which is vital for their proper Physical development! In fact, Kids are facing physical illness much more that a generation ago. This makes it imperative that kids take to Sports, Dance, Martial Arts and Yoga classes especially if they are losing out on valuable PLAY time.

Secondly, a lot of kids today are finding the competitive environment at school; or the lack of time spent with their parents as stressful. It’s shocking to see kids looking and acting stressed out! Practicing YOGA helps kids to develop their bodies in the right way and also to help ease tensions that accumulate. Yoga helps them physically and mentally stay fit and healthy! And perhaps even more importantly, practicing Yoga is seen to help them develop focus and concentration –  a quality that is in increasingly short supply these days even amongst us adults! :)

YOGA-for-KIDS classes by TOTAL YOGA are held every Mon (5-6pm) and Wed (5:30-6:30pm) at our studio in Indiranagar.

The age-group is from 6-12 years. RSVP on; or 9740980200 to send your Child for a free trial class.