Yoga-for-Golf: Balance yourself to play better

Of all the elements of fitness, it is Balance that is often forgotten. Golf pros and budding amateurs love to work on their Strength and Flexibility, but neglect a key aspect of their fitness that will really bring about a significant difference to their game – Balance.

Top female Pro-Golfer Sharmila Nicollet practices Total Yoga

Balance is critical for many reasons. Firstly, one needs an impeccable sense of balance in performing the golf swing. It’s almost synonymous with the entire motion of the swing. Nonetheless, most people cannot ensure the same dead-eye accuracy in terms of hitting the ball exactly in the direction and range that they want to hit it. This is often because their balance while standing over the ball ready to swing is not a comfortable, steady and assured position, which is an absolute essential.

Secondly, having a good sense of balance helps to prevent injuries from occurring. When the balance of muscles between both sides of the body is more or less matched, then the body is better equipped to deal with an asymmetrical sport like golf!

Also, very often you are standing on uneven ground depending on the lie of the green, or if you’re in a bunker. This further requires you to have great balance so you’re better in control of that critical shot – often the difference between a par score and an ugly score!

So go ahead, and add Yoga to your training regimen. Tell us what you do for cross-training?

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Total Yoga

Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.


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