TOTAL YOGA is not just about yoga classes in a studio. From Yoga-for-Runners, Yogi Treks, Retreats and Karma Yoga CSR initiatives; we’re a socially conscious yet fun-loving Yoga Community!



As more and more people have taken to running; it has spawned a wonderful running community that meets and runs regularly. Our Yoga for Runners program is designed for Weekend running groups. It addresses the requirements of Runners; from Flexibility of Hamstrings to strength of the Core as well as better Breathing capacity and also Pre-Running and Post-Running Stretches to ensure that injuries are minimized! Read our Blog on Runners’ Yoga!


Developed for the burgeoning Cycling communities in India, Yogis on Wheels is a program designed to help cyclists with typical strengthening, flexibility as well as stamina issues. Also, it is the ideal pre-Cycling and post-Cycling Stretch + Warm-up/ Cool-down routine. Meditation is intrinsic to the Cycling experience and is also practiced once the Cyclists reach scenic locales outside the city! Read our Blog on Yoga for Cycling!


Worldwide most pro-Golfers do Yoga as part of their training. It’s understood now that Yardage or the strength and distance of one’s Golf driving is a function of Flexibility! Your shoulders, back and hips need to be flexible to complete the follow-through required to swing effectively; while a strong Core provides the stability – both can be trained best through Yoga. Additionally, Yoga is a mental game and as such it is vital that the mental side is trained – from Focus and Visualization training to relaxation on the course! Yoga-for-Golf helps bring out the best in every golfer. We’ve trained Pro-Golfers including Jyoti Randhawa and Sharmila Nicollet; and offer programs hosted by Golf Clubs. Read our Blog on Yoga-for-Golf!


Yoga in the Park is an initiative to take Yoga out of the studios and into the open Parks! Yoga should ideally be practiced under the open skies and Yoga in the Park does just that. It’s a great way to start one’s weekend with a picnic atmosphere surrounding the Total Yoga & Meditation session. Read our Blog on Yoga-in-the-Park!


The Ancient Yogis spent their time trekking and meditating in the Himalayas. A lot of their fitness was the result of this trekking and a comprehensive yoga-inspired fitness regimen will be incomplete without this vital element. Solely practicing Asanas in a studio set-up can never train you to the level that the Yogis trained physically; and so we have Yogi Treks – while it’s physically demanding to trek up a hill; it’s also very rewarding to be in the outdoors and practice Meditation atop a hill! Read our Blog on Yogi Treks!

Yoga to Live Music is part of our Yoga Socials program wherein we invite Musicians to come and play Live whilst we practice Yoga. In the past, Total Yoga has collaborated with Fusion Bands, Djembe players and even a special Yoga-to-the-Blues session. Currently TANDAV YOGA is the most happening Yoga session in the country; and it combines Total Yoga with Thaalavattam, who creates organic trance sounds from waste materials! Read our Blog on Yoga to Live Music!


Here’s one of our favourite programs – Yogi Brunch. An intense Total Yoga + Meditation session followed by a Healthy Brunch – making it one of the best ways to start the weekend!

Yogic Cleanse-Day


Yoga offers some of he most amazing and comprehensive ways in which to clean up the internal body. From Jala Neti to clean the nostrils to Kunjal kriya to clean the alimentary canal (mouth to stomach); and Laghoo Shankaprakshalana to clean the colon; Yogis take the cleansing of their internal body very seriously! Yogi Cleanse is a half-day workshop designed to clean up the body from within. Read our Blog on Jala Neti

1-Week Kayakalp Retreat


Kayakalp is a Yogic practice wherein Yogis would change their entire routine of Food, Sleep and other Practices for a period of about 1 year so as to re-do and rejuvenate their bodies. It is said they would emerge a year later with a body that was the equivalent of about 10 years younger! The 1 Week Kayakalp is an immersion in to Yoga, Meditation, Ayurveda treatments, Right Eating and much more so that you can take your yoga practice to the next level. It’s one week away from home, work and all that modern lifestyle brings with it. The Kayakalp Yoga retreats are a wonderful way to start life afresh!


At Total Yoga, we believe that your Yoga practice is incomplete without doing Service! Any amount of Asana, Pranayam and Meditation will not suffice in transforming us; the essential ingredient to be added is the rendering of service to people around you. To this end, we provide the opportunity for all students to help out at Old Age Homes, Blind Schools or Orphanages. Each city that we’re based in; we choose one social volunteering project wherein we invite students to come volunteer their time to teach Yoga to their brothers and sisters and spend quality time with them. (Material donations to these institutions are voluntarily done)

Soul Cinema is our Yoga Socials initiative to screen Inspiring, Life-changing movies that share the Zen themes of meditation, life and alternative living. We also look to screen Documentaries about sustainability and the organic movement.