Yoga for fitness vs Yoga for therapy

Although yoga as a practice is therapeutic, there are significant differences between a yoga class tailored for fitness-wellness vs. yoga designed for therapuetic purposes.

Prevention vs Cure

We all have heard about the multitude benefits of Yoga. First of all, whats the difference between Yoga therapy and Yoga class. Yoga classes are for preventing illness (thyroid, hormonal imbalance etc) and keeping us fit -healthy. Thereby ensuring wellness and an active lifestyle. Yoga therapy on the other hand is like a cure. People suffereing from slip-disc, migraine, obesity will benefit more from yoga therapy. To be clear, people with physical ailments will benefit from yoga class. But to ensure speedy recovery and explore their path of wellness, yoga therapy is beneficial.

Yoga for fitness/wellness

There are a multitude of yoga styles. Yoga helps improve our strength, flexibility, agility, stamina and helps in weight loss. Any practice of yoga will help in fitness and will also have thearpeutic benefits. But, the classes are for people who are healthy and not suffering from any chronic ailments. This is because the classes have people of different age groups and different fitness levels. The class is tailored to meet the group fitness goals.

Yoga as a Therapy

Yoga therapy is a holistic form of alternative medicine that applies the entire science of yoga to effect health and healing on an individual basis.

  • Asanas are often used to rehabilitate injury, moderate chronic pain or help someone regain functional energy.
  • Pranayam is used to balance and reset the parasympathetic nervous system’s “fight or flight” response, thereby helping to combat anxiety or depression.

 It has been said that “our biography becomes our biology” so yoga therapy offers relief on the physical level and inquiry on the psychological level. When the body’s natural wisdom is accessed, emotional release occurs and healing begins at a deeper level.

Commonly, students report therapeutic benefits from their yoga classes, no matter which type of class they are attending. Thus, yoga therapy can help people reduce symptoms, manage pain, restore balance, increase strength, improve emotional resiliency and expand spiritual awareness.

Keep practicing  for the Love of yoga!

Iti Jain

Alternative Text

Total Yoga

Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.



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