World Capital of Yoga- RISHIKESH

“My heart leaps up and down, as the fresh air kisses my face. No nightingale soothes my mind, like the sound of bells and River Ganga. More and more weary travellers find solace in the lush mountains and greens. Saffron clad people to people in jeans, find an abode better to their dreams. Welcome dear fellowmen to the holy land of Rishikesh!”

Rishikesh on the world map

In the late 1960’s when the Beatles stayed in Rishikesh to learn meditation, they put Rishikesh on the world map. And there has been no turning back. The city is now known as the “World capital of yoga.” You will find yoga classes being conducted in every nook and corner. On the other hand, the larger ashrams are situated away from the hustle of the city.

International Yoga Festival

Each year the International Yoga Festival grows and expands. In 2017 , 2000 people participated from 101 countries! In the 7 day celebration, different yoga styles are taught from teachers around the world. Besides, experts in the field of meditation, wellness, spirituality and nutrition conduct myriad workshops.

More than Yoga and meditation

Rishikesh is popularly known for the yoga classes, Teachers’ training certification in yoga, Meditation centres, Healing through cyrstals, sound, energy etc. But, there is so much more!

  • The evening Aarti at Triveni Ghat is spectacular. It is a powerful practice to witness, besides the splendid view.
  • It is the new adventure home with boating, rafting, ziplining, speedboating, treks into the mountain and so much more.
  • As Rishikesh literally sits on the banks of the Ganges, there are dozens of temples here. The aarti, bhanjan sandya will take your breath away.
  • Although the Ganga in Varanasi is extremely dirty and polluted. The river in Rishikesh is much cleaner and pristine. So, take a DIP in ice cold water. (As good as the Ice bucket challenge).

Rishikesh is the kind of place you want to retire and settle in, or the place you keep coming back to again and again! Finally, Rishikesh will leave you enchanted. 🙂 






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