Why Yoga for kids

We all would agree that Kids are yogis by default. They are present in a moment and enjoy life. They are creative and optimistic. Besides, they show great perseverance and honesty to the core. Then why we do need yoga for kids?

Benefits of Kids yoga

  1. Practicing yoga at early age would give them discipline.
  2. Kids are more flexible than adults. So starting early helps in keeping their body and mind flexible!
  3. It helps in building strength and focus.
  4. In Adolescence, Yoga can help them cope up with hormonal/physical changes.
  5. Self acceptance would be more, if they practice yoga regularly.
  6. They will motivate you to do yoga regularly 🙂

Teaching methods

For kids below 8-9 years: Teachers need to be very creative to engage their minds. Example: We can introduce them to different asanas by relating it to animals (cat/cow, Cobra). Whenever we engage them in story telling we should revise the poses. It’s better to practice in open spaces, remember it’s your bonding time with them. As far as possible, take them out in open places for practicing.

Ideal age: 4-5 years would be a good age to start. However understanding that, they can be flexible, but have balance and strength. Also Injuries at such an early age can be very dangerous.

Precautions:  Kids wouldn’t know when they are pushing beyond their capacity. This may cause injury, thus teacher/parents need to give personal attention.

All said and done, kids will enjoy practicing yoga, when you add more interaction, frolic and games!!

Love and peace


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