Benefits of Yoga at work

Why Yoga at work?

Today we spend more time at our workplace and in commuting. Which has led to a sedetary lifestyle. Besides, our bodies were not designed to be seated for 8 to 10 hours.

As more and more people are suffering from stress, hyper tension, back-ache, aggression, early burnout, obesity, stiff neck, etc. There is an increasing concern among employers and employess, about the welfare programs for wellness of the work force. Thanks to Health risk assesment reports, the corpaorates are introducing wellness programs for their work force.

Benefits of Yoga at work

Reduced Back/Neck pain: Sitting at one place for long hours makes people vulnerable to back pain. But simple stretches, good posture and strengthening the back through simple yoga asanas is extrememly beneficial!

Provides resilience to cope with stress: Practicing yoga enables you to deal with stressful situations. Overtime it makes you more resilient. As we train our parasympathetic nervous system.

Also, our mind follows our body. Slouch and you will feel the world is going to end. Sit straight, walk to a tune in your head and you feel, you can handle it all.

Lower Burnout rates: Just consider nurses, reporters, advertising proffesional, etc, who work weird hours and under a lot of stress. They are constantly challenged by time and people. But 30 minutes of yoga a day, can reduce the emotional exhaustion. Also it helps in self care and  more efficiency at their work!

Less Hostility and Aggression:  Yoga has helped in reducing the levels of cortisol — the stress hormone.  This helps in building a positive work environment and more harmony among the team members!

Human resource efficiency: Today, people are the most valuable resource of a company. Yoga at the workplace reduces absenteeism from sickness or other physical problems,  boosts company morale, improves communication skills among employees and  helps the people utilize their skills efficiently!!

Quality family time: By the time you reach home, rather than being irritable, unwell, stressed or frustrated. You have more energy to spend quality time with your kids, partner, parents or friends. This helps you feel refreshed and find the elusive work-life balance!

The benefits of  yoga and other mindfulness activities at workplace, helps in building a more efficient workforce and a more effective environment. Sow healthy seeds today and reap the benefits over the years!!


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