The truth behind 21 day challenges

Back to the Beginning

Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon in the 1950s when he began noticing a strange pattern among his patients. It tooks his patients “a minimum of 21 days” to  adjust to a new situation.  Ofcourse it can take more time too! But, lets start somewhere. The time frame is short enough to be inspiring, but long enough to be believable.

Why take 21 day challenge?

Honestly, I did not believe in the 21 day anything for a long time. I tried and I was not blown away. But, overtime my perspective has changed. The matter of fact is:

Everyone wants to be healthier, fitter, happier, and more productive. But no one wants to endure a lifetime of misery and hard work just to get there. Besides, change actually takes one moment of realisation and days of execution. A few foundational changes to the way we approach food, exercise and life can transform our health and wellness for the rest of our lives. One step at a time; and what’s better to a 21 day challenge!!

Matter of Fact

It takes around 66 days to embed a new habit into your system. This is when a strong neural connection in the brain has been formed!!

So why 21 days

1. Guiding light: We all want to make certain changes in our lifestyle, habits and attitude. But, we don’t know where to start. Thus, 21 day challenges are a great start to to adopt healthy habits.

2. Motivation: When  we fix a goal for a measurable period of time. We are motivated to do it everyday! Besides, if we don’t see or feel the changes in 10-15 days. We are motivated to atleast complete the 21 day challenge.

3. Group goals: When we take the 21 day challenge with our peers or friends. We get competitive and the whole challenge becomes more fun. Besides, when we are losing our zest. The other people’s enthusiasm and motivation helps us persevere.

4. Acceptance: For every habit, lifestyle change; A minimum of 21 days is required for the body and mind to accept the idea, that this change can be good. We may feel the difference (however minuscle)  in 21 days or less or more!! But, it’s definitely worth a shot.

5. Change is good:  We are slaves to routine and habit. But, once in a while we need to shock our body and mind by adopting new workouts, hobbies and experiences. As our body does not get immune to the regular workouts. Besides it’s a great learning experience!! 🙂

You’ve seen the success stories. You’ve heard about it from friends and family members. You’ve thought about it a half dozen times and never quite pulled the trigger. Well, all that dithering ends today. Take the challenge. Transform your health and wellbeing. Improve your life – for good!!

Iti Jain



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