Total Yogis on the Road – Day 4, Dubai


The joy that comes from meeting old friends is one of the grandest feelings in life! 🙂

What’s more surprising is that it never feels that we have missed a day – so smooth is the re-bonding! As Yoga teachers it’s incredible how we end up getting to know so many students at such a deep level that we become one big family. This is a part of Teacher Training that unfortunately no YTTC teaches. Because long after the perfecting of Sarvangasana or Anulom-Vilom; what remains is the human bond that people share. It’s a great Art to be Teacher in class and Friend outside class – without ever compromising on the disciplining that’s part of the Teaching role nor fearing the Bonding part of friendship that shows you as you are.

Dubai has been a great experience and perhaps the 3 odd years that we have been away has given us a greater appreciation of the friendships we had nurtured here; whilst also taking and giving time and space to one and all to heal individually before re-uniting! 🙂 We do look forward to visiting the desert more often!

Tomorrow, onwards to Rome. As Indians it’s gonna be interesting to observe the other great paradigm in civilization. We’re coming from the cradle of Eastern philosophy and culture and visiting the the epicentre of Western civilization. Whilst modern living is based primarily on fundamentals developed from the western civilization; it’s re-assuring to see how Eastern spirituality has stood the test of time! Makes you wonder is life has actually ever changed? We may have iPhones and Outer Space travel – but the epitome of human enquiry is still – Who am I? A question answered by the rarest of rare individuals in history!

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Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.



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