Yoga and Running seem to be on the opposite ends of the Fitness spectrum; yet they compliment each other beautifully! Runners around the world are turning to Yoga to complete their training programs. Yoga helps runners to Stretch overly-tight muscles, to Strengthen muscles and to Balance their bodies better. This Balance usually helps them avoid as well as recover from injuries.

During the course of an average mile run, your foot will strike the ground 1,000 times! Each time bearing 3-4 times your body weight. This is the reason that runners constantly have to deal with sore feet, hamstrings, knees or backs. Practicing Yogic Warm-up stretches and Cool-down stretches helps reduce the risk of injury. Also, the Breathing focus of Pranayam helps runners to be more aware of their Breathing while running – which helps you to stay Focussed and saves Energy.

YOGIS-on-the-RUN! is an initiative by Total Yoga to bring together Yogis, Runners and other Fitness enthusiasts to RUN, do YOGA and then connect over BRUNCH! This is a weekly Community event on Saturdays; happening simultaneously from 7:30am at Cubbon Park as well as Jagriti Theatre, Whitefield.

> 7:30am: Meet-up at Victoria Statue, CUBBON PARK or JAGRITI THEATRE, Whitefield

> Yoga WARM-UP Stretches

> 30mins RUN (/Walk/ Jog)


> BREAKFAST (@ Airlines/ MTR Whitefield)

> Carry your Yoga Mat!

> Free for Total Yogis and kids below 13; Rs 350 for others. (Does not include Breakfast)

>> RSVP: