Top 5 Fitness Trends in India for 2016

So the New Year has come and gone, we have binged, partied, made resolutions and probably are already starting to doubt our abilities to keep those resolutions (I hope not!). Most people most certainly have fitness or some form of exercise or wellness routine included in their New Year’s resolution. This brings me to the fitness trends that 2016 is likely to see!

Fitness is now a mega industry and there is a lot of research going on in various parts of the world to see what is trending in Fitness. The American College of Sports Medicine has announced its Fitness trend forecast for 2016 and in pole position is ‘Wearable technology’. My take on this, however, is a bit different especially for India.

My top 5 Fitness Trends in India for 2016 go something like this,

5. A larger spectrum of people are Fitness and Wellness aware.

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Laughter Yoga club

A few years ago, only the “active” spectrum of society was concious about fitness. Going to the gym, running, aerobics, zumba whatever form of exercise was mainly the jurisdiciton of people aged 25-45. However now we are seeing that more older people are getting fitness concious. The mentality of “oh I am too old for this” is slowly fading away. Senior citizens who have more time and more ₹₹ made from the days of the IT boom are spending their time and money wisely. They are moving away from Laughter clubs and on to fitness experts, personal trainers and wellness!

4. Outdoor Activities.

Our very own Neetu Singh is an ACE at the Devil’s circuit!

The Oldies Brigade may have the cash for the personal trainers but the younger generation is looking to be outside! Outdoor activities can include anything from hiking, trekking, rock climbing, long distance running, boot camp training. There is also some more “out there” stuff like Devil’s circuit which involves a fun and unique way of obstacle race running! Check it out! Doing activities outdoors means you can include friends and family, it is cost effective, much better out in the open fresh air and you can try some funky activities!

3. Using Technology to aid fitness.

Wearable Technology
Wearable Technology

As mentioned before the American College of Sports Medicine has rated “Wearable Technology” as the first trend for 2016. This includes not just fitbits, apple watches, iphones, tracking devices but also smart glasses, smart fabrics that track your movement, that can be fed into computers and calculating programs! Its mind boggling! Some analysts have predicted that the Wearable Technology market will approach $6 Billion by end 2016! In India however we are still catching up, which is why the lower ranking.
2. Running, Marathons and Triathlons. 

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In tune with the points 4 and 5 above, Running, Marathons and Triathlons is certainly on the rise. There are Marathons being held in almost every major city in India now and the great news is the number of people taking part! Running is cool, trendy, cost effective, results oriented. Doesn’t matter if you cannot do a Marathon, there is always an option of a 5k or a 10k run so you can build up to the half marathon or a full one eventually. Running and Triathlons also offer an opportunity to raise money for good causes and various charities. There are Marathons and Triathlons every other month happening in India. On 31st Jan we are talking part in the Bangalore Pinkathon, Join Us! 🙂
1. Yoga


Stretching forward with a Bhujangasana, and sliding nimbly into first place is my personal favourite Yoga! Well OK, I am a little biased but there is a very valid reason for this. Yoga is India’s very own 4000 year old tradition. It has always been with us but with the recognition in World Yoga Day, we are now owning and taking pride in our ancient tradition! Every household in India has someone who has practised yoga, knows about yoga, reads about yoga, inspires to do yoga. Yoga has it all. There are so many different flavours to it, traditional or modern, with props or without, in a hot sweaty room or out in the open! It encompasses flexibility, cardio, strength training, interval training, Pranayama but more importantly it provides us the most powerful tool; Meditation. Yoga can be done as as a fitness routine, as a warm up to your run, cycle, trek, boxing, swimming and also as a cool down after the sport of your choice. But whatever you use Yoga for, make sure you tap into the benefits that sitting down in Meditation has to offer. It will open up your mind, purify your heart, bring awareness within yourself and make the inner you appear as if by magic! You can come to our next Full Moon Meditation!
So, have I covered your favourite trend? Are you an outdoors kind of person or do you prefer exercising indoors? have you tried Devil’s circuit? What wearable technology do you use? Tell me what you think? I would love to hear from you!

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