Today, I just wanted to give my Teachers’ a Big Hug !

Monday morning …

No longer is there trepidation with saluting the sun with 108 – but have I learnt to do and go beyond to that place where we meet the glory of life?

In this space of glory, an overwhelming feeling of compassion resides … is this love? I see it in others, I know when I am there…. Life is beautiful…

In this time, today …my arms dangled by my sides, itching to move… there was no thought, it was only my heart … I just wanted to hug everyone, particularly my teachers …  I stalled, I didn’t, a thought came in …  did time stop? Was I the only one feeling this?

I leave class with a formal goodbye, it didn’t feel right, as soon as I’m in the car I want to rush back, but I didn’t …

Now, for my long drive home … music blaring, high on life/love… this energy nurtured from my yoga practice, inside so strong… need those running shoes … I’m stuck in the car… everything is beautiful…

Then, again time stopped, I’m mesmerized by a kind face, her wrinkled skin like a walnut shell, eyes wide open, a witness to depths of life beyond what I know. She is perfectly dressed in a yellow sari, hair oiled, neat, clean, proud… I notice a loaf of bread in her hand, she stalls for her rupees…she leaves without it … empty …I want to go to her …but I didn’t, time moves me on…

What I know …Life is about taking a risk, we all fear rejection or think we may make a fool of ourselves… but if we can stay in that present moment and be spontaneous in life…then the magic of life will unfold…

I’d love to hear your comments on this piece of writing. Was there something that you wanted to do today but didn’t?

Author – Jagdeep Dosanjh-Badwal

(Yogi who loves to Run & Runner who loves to Yoga)

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Total Yoga

Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.



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