What are the attributes that a Yoga school stands for? And how to represent these in the logo that is adopted? What is Total Yoga and what does it mean for students? These are the questions that would have to be answered before we could decide on a logo.

We chose the name TOTAL YOGA as we wanted to impart a complete all-round experience of Yoga – from Asana to Pranayam; and to Meditation. And we also wanted to inculcate a community-driven social-service element for our students to participate in.total yoga logo

Hence, we decided to call it TOTAL Yoga. The other reason was to have a name that was so simple that anyone in any part of the world – and speaking any language could relate to TOTAL yoga.

We were lucky to have Nishant Narayanan (CEO of Aladin & the Magic of Advertising) design a simple yet meaningful logo for us. Now, what colors to represent the logo in? We said that we wanted to use TOTAL in Green to represent the Eco-friendliness that Yoga naturally entails. And we wanted to use YOGA in Orange to mimic the Ochre robes of a Yogi! And it so happened that when we placed the colours, we realized that the colour-scheme was an inverse of the Indian flag’s tri-colour – which was perfect; as it plays on the theme of Yoga as an Indian art-form as well as being Universal in nature.

So, there you have it – a logo the befits a YOGA School. Let us know how our logo resonates with you?