The Power of One

Over the course of History; MEN, great Men have often tried to change the WORLD.

Often, with disastrous results.

Hitler, Total Yoga, YogaEveryone from your Father who tried to set curfew timings at Home; to the Principal in your College who tried telling you what NOT to wear; to your Boss who tries to motivate you to be a better Emplyee; everyone it seems is trying to CHANGE YOU! And that too….for your good. These are of course everyday people we meet. There are a whole other breed of people – the Dictators – who have taken this to the extreme. Kings and Dictators like Hitler, Stalin and others who tried telling us how we should LIVE so that we could CHANGE the world. FOR. THE. BETTER. Hmmm…

So why has the World not changed? Why is the Human condition more or less the same as it was 2000 years ago or longer? I’m not talking about what what you wear or live in, or how you commute? Science has made marvelous strides over 2 millennia – and has helped us to live a better, safer existence. Yet, in spite of that we still are seeing alarming rates of Mental Illness in the modern world! We spent a half century fighting Fascism, yet Communism too crumbled, while Socialism tried to re-invent into Capitalism which is also crumbling. The people who promised to CHANGE the world are all dead – and their ideas when imposed in an authoritarian manner – have all but failed. What are we missing?

CHANGE, we know is the Law of Nature. Everything in Nature changes. So, that’s not a problem – ¬†we are wired to accept and adapt; and to make changes. But what about changes on a social level? Who are you to tell another HUMAN BEING how he/ she should live? In this regard, we have no better understanding than what the greatest social-change agent of modern times taught us. Gandhi said, “Be the CHANGE you wish to see in the WORLD.” Leading Change by Example – and not by Authoritarian force.

Charles Darwin, Total Yoga, YogaWhich brings us to the question – Who in the History of Mankind has engendered the greatest CHANGEGandhi, Total Yoga, Yoga in humans? Gallileo and Darwin changed the Scientific world and our understanding or ourselves in relation to creation – their ideas and discoveries were path-breaking. Leonardo and Mozart inspired us to live a more sensitive existence. King Ashoka and Gandhi showed us that huge empires could be created, or defeated by non-Violence. But what is the biggest change a MAN can aspire to? CHANGING oneself. The Alchemy of old.


Here BUDDHA and CHRIST lead the way. (There are other too of course) They did away with 2000 years of their cultural-spiritual conditioning and CHANGED themselves! They broke through the glass ceiling and reached out to the Divine. They are the world’s Jesus Christ, Total Yoga, Yogagreatest rebels. These mystics who refused to accept LIFE the way everyone else on the planet perceived it. And they did not do what Dictators, Politicians, Corporations and everyone else try doing when they can’t understand and accept others – try changing them. In fact, Buddha & Christ did the exact opposite – they Changed themselves! They turned themselves into the proverbial GOLD. And 2 millennia after they graced the planet the ideas that they shared¬†have stood the test of time. They did not have to force anyone to Change. (The Church may have; Christ never did) MEN over the course of History have been so inspired by these and other legendary figures; that they have WANTED TO CHANGE. They have craved the CHANGE that Buddha & Christ showed was possible. They showed us the POWER of ONE – of ONE person daring to strive to the highest. They showed us that it is not possible to change the outside WORLD; but the inside world – YES! And in fact, all it takes to change the World – is to change ONESELF. Elementary, ain’t it?

So, the nest time you want to change something or someone on this beautiful planet – first CHANGE YOURSELF. Do you have what it takes – the DECISION, the COURAGE to Change yourself? If YOU have, then that itself will be your reward. And if People are Inspired by that and seek to Change and Evolve – then you have done more than any human can be asked to. The rest, as they say, will be history!

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