Have you taken your yoga props to work today?

Many people use props in yoga, BKS Iyengar first introduced props to the modern yoga practice to allow people of ages and abilities to benefit from yoga. Props are supportive and helpful when facing obstacles or limitations on the mat. So what are the Yoga props that you can take to your workplace to help you with your obstacles there? When I say Yoga prop, I don’t mean a physical thing!

Try using these props at work everyday, not just at work but in day to day living too.

1. Breath. Yoga is synonymous with Breath or prana. It is like the block that you would use to support an asana and go that extra distance. Actually, breath does take you that extra distance during practice so you don’t really need the block. Using very conscious breathing during your day makes a big difference to the quality of the day you are having. Every breath is fresh oxygen to your blood, calmness to your mind, lower stress levels to your nerves.

2. Mindfulness. Using your breath will automatically bring about Mindfulness. Being mindful means being aware or focussed on the present moment. Practicing mindfulness at work, will bring about empathy, efficiency, new ideas and positive energy.

3. Posture. Yoga is all about posture. Asana practice on the mat gradually starts correcting posture through regular practice. Posture at work place is an absolutely essential for general well being but also to portray the right message across. Confidence exudes from the person who is standing tall and straight rather than sitting or standing hunched up.

4. Smile. Your most influential prop is your smile. It will brighten your face, light up your eyes and channel your positive energy towards a sticky person or situation.

I am sure there are many more props or support elements that I can think of but I think the ones I have listed are a good start. Have you got any that you use in your day to day living? Let us know.

Go forth and conquer that task! Have a good week.

Love, Purnima Trasi

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