“We spread our wings in 2017”- Total Yoga

Another majestic year has just flown by. Total yoga is not just a yoga school. We believe in building community and sharing wellness programs with different stratas of our society. A quick recap of the major events in 2017.

Milestones in 2017

  • Total yoga is now in four continents! Asia, Europe, America and Australia-New Zealand.
  • We built a yoga community in Dubai, thanks to all yogis in Dubai. πŸ™‚
Yogis in Dubai
  • We had a yoga program featured on Tata sky. Thus, reaching a wider audience!
  • Total yoga is the official yoga partner with Pinkathon (women’s running group). It’s a joy training runners who are at the opposite end of what yogis do.
  • Adidas uprising is a fitness festival which comprises of a broad spectrum of activities. Total yoga was their yoga partner for the event in Bangalore.
Total Yoga @ Adidas uprising
Total Yoga @ Adidas uprising


We are extremely passionate about travel and fitness. Thus, we have yoga retreats which are filled with yoga, trekking, cleansing Kriyas, yum food and fun activities. At a time, when travelling alone, travelling with strangers is in vogue. Yomaste is a great opportunity to meet new people and explore beautiful places.

Yomaste Bali, 2017
Yomaste Bhutan, 2017

Yoga treks

Treks are a great time to test your endurance! Be it the overnight treks or the day treks. They are always fun and healthy. πŸ™‚ Besides, a great social activity for the weekends.

Yoga treks

Teachers training program

Manish and Neetu are absolutely passionate about training teachers in yoga. As they share the same interest of a yogi lifestyle. Teachers are trained in Bangalore, Pune and Dubai!

International Yoga Day: Chakras Rising

What an event!! Colourful, vibrant, vivacious and the most lovely people coming together to celebrate yoga. The event took place in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Dubai.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are blessed to have teachers who are dedicated and passionate about sharing the yogi lifestyle with the lesser priviliged. It has been more than 4 years that we have been associated with Viday foundation. Besides, teaching yoga at their premises, we also conduct Karmathon that enables us to sponsor a few kids education.

Besides, the kids with different abilities are taught yoga at Sashaya homes. We do realize, we are blessed and priviliged and we want to share it through the society.


Desktop Yoga

We want to reach to a larger audience. We had the opportunity to teach Desktop yogaΒ at Google, IBM, Levis, Lenovo and a lot of other companies. The Indian workforce is suffering from stress, lower back aches, obesity, etc. Thus, doing simple stretches and poses can keep you healthy and happy.

Desktop Yoga @ Pune


Total Yoga had a makeover. As in, we redesigned the logo, website and the general appearance of our presence on the net. Besides, our aim is to be a content resource too! Thus, we have blogs, knowledge articles on yoga, clean eating, mindfulness, yoga as a therapy and so much more. If it increases your wellness, we’ll write about it!!

To Conclude

We had a fantabulous 2017. We connected with more people across the society. We did some yoga and a lot of other mindful activities. We start with fitness and then explore other aspects of wellness. As the year ends, we are excited about starting the new year with more enthusiasm and broaden our activities across different groups of people. Yoga is for everyone and Total Yoga is for anyone to everyone!!

Thank you for your love, encouragement and support!!Β  Thank you 2017 for all the love and growth! πŸ™‚

Total Yoga team






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