Where did 2017 fly by? Slow down!

Every year, come December, and each person seems to have only one thing to say – this year just flew by!  And every year seems to be ‘flying by’ even more rapidly for people! Exactly, why is this just a generic malaise? Why aren’t we able to slow down? Let’s explore…

A Busy Mind = A Busy Life!

For lots of us, our Minds are  way too Busy from the time we wake up to the time we sleep at night (and even when we are sleeping!) There seems to be no pause ever during the day. We subject ourselves to an endless barrage of tasks, online conversations and more. Eventually, we find that we’re on an never-ending treadmill of ‘doing things‘. So if each day is like that – put 31 of them together and you don’t know how January flew by! Put 365 such days together and a whole year goes by in the blink of an eye, literally! What then can we do apart from taking an annual holiday?

Slow things down.

We’ve grown up in a Culture that values ‘faster’, but you go to ask yourself where are you headed an such speed. A careful examination of our Life will reveal, that most often we’re rushing around in circles – making very little headway in the direction we want to.

Worldwide there’s now a Slow Revolution that people are experimenting with. It includes Slow Eating, Slow Travel and much more. Slow Eating is about eating mindfully, with no digital distractions. Slowing your life allows you to rejuvenate and focus on what’s really important, while enjoying everyday activities more completely.


We’ve also grown up in a world that values multi-tasking. While actually to enjoy each of our pursuits and even simple chores like cleaning our homes, it’s far better to mono-task. We’ll finish doing whatever we’re engaged in much faster, while not getting stressed with our minds having to deal with diverse thoughts – which end up making us feel busy.

Digital Detox

Many people who’ve actually developed the Social media apps that we spend hours on daily – are going offline at least once a week! It’s a growing trend in Silicon Valley. Taking a day off our online existence allows for real-world experience.

Often our mobile phones are taking away the gaps in our day. Earlier, we would get some pauses as we had to wait for something or someone, or on commute time. But nowadays, we fill up these times with checking emails, social media feeds and the like. So there’s no breathing space in our day.

Slaves to Schedules

Part of modern living is an incessant need to stick to schedules. In a global marketplace it means that we are often working with schedules of different time zones. Living 24/7 has made our days longer and we’re even compromising sleep.


We need a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep every night. Nothing more to say about sleep, except that being calm before going to sleep aids in the quality of sleep itself.


I know this sounds cliched. In the the self-help world, Mindfulness seems to be the cure for everything. That’s because it works! Being present in the moment allows us to slow things down, and that gives us time to make sense of each experience we are having in our day.

In fact we use the idiom ‘Breathing Space’ to denote having space in our schedules, relationships and lives in general. This of course comes from the physicality of slowing down our breathing. The result is more mental clarity and a feeling of not being rushed through the day!

The Economist Magazine did a wonderful story on the true measure of Wealth. They concluded that if you have Time, you’re Rich. And if you don’t, then you’re Poor. Wealth was equated with Time then.

So here’s hoping that in 2018, you have all the Time in the World by creating more Space within yourself, and in your mind. Here’s hoping you’re a King unto yourself! And why wait, till 2018 – we’ve got 31 glorious days to enjoy, rather than feel they flew by us!


  • Manish Pole  

(yogi, coach, speaker & blogger, co-founder Total Yoga. profile >>)

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