Simple tips to take awesome Yoga photos

Social media is flooding with #yoga photos.  Posting yoga “selfies”  and photos has become quite a phenomenon. And for some people (like me) who are not camera friendly, posing in an asana, for the camera is a task.

I’m no seasoned expert by any means when it comes to  photography.  But I am blessed with a sister who is a photographer! Some simple tips can help you make your yoga photos look exquisite!

9 Simple Tips

1)  Make your own space: When you look for #yoga on Instagram, you’ll find more than 18 million photos!! Don’t spend time in looking like someone else. Carve your own space. There is a place for all of us! Thus, let your personality shine in your photos! Be true to yourself and your style of yoga.

2) Be wise, while choosing an asana:  Being able to put both feet behind your head or hold a handstand is not necessary to click awesome yoga photos. Sure, photos of crazy flexibility poses and arm balances are exciting to see. But photos of basic poses are beautiful too! Choose a pose which you are comfortable with and it flatters your body. 🙂

3) Commit 100% to the posture: Simple alignment changes make a huge difference. Be aware of where your hand is, where are you looking, etc. You don’t have to be perfect, but give it your best shot. But, be careful that you do not injure yourself.

4) Use natural lighting: The photos are more appealing when natural lighting is used. If you are shooting outdoors, aim to shoot in diffuse sunlight so the lighting isn’t  harsh. Also, be aware of where the shadows are hitting and whether you’re standing in the shade.

Besidse, sunrise and sunset provide some  brilliant backdrops. If you’re shooting indoors and have access to some sort of light diffuser, the results can be pretty heavenly!

5) Use interesting Backdrops: Nature provides us with fantabulous backdrops. And, be on the lookout for interesting walls, art pieces, as they make the yoga potrait look more heavenly!!

6) Use the best perspective/angle: Is the photo being taken from the front, back or top. Let your phographer take the photo from different angles and you can choose the best one. The angle from which your yoga pose is viewed can often make or break a photo.

7) Have fun: Don’t be too serious; lighten up, laugh, smile. The photo not only captures your pose but also your energy. If you are having fun, it can be seen in your photos. So loosen up, take a deep breathe and be friends with the camera 🙂 🙂

8) Dress up: Wear smart yoga clothes or you can get clicked in fancy clothes too! It just gives you a good feeling and more confidence, which is reflected in the photos. If it’s a professional photoshoot, use some foundation that the light reflects well.

9) Don’t over-edit: There are some photos that look really made up and a little fake. If all goes well with the lighting, you shouldn’t have to do too much to the photo.

When editing yoga photos:

  1. Check if anything needs to be cropped
  2.  Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation levels very slightly.
  3. Straighten the photo

Finally, yoga photos are an important visual tool to show your personality and share the nature of your practice. Especially for yoga teachers! These simple tips will help you, improve the yoga photos quality. And not be too hard on yourself or the photographer when you’re taking photos. 🙂



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