Shall I take the short cut ?

Runner in the Great Outdoors
Runner in the Great Outdoors

I HESITATED for awhile,  lingering in my warm bed, but my mind was focused on that run, it did not matter that it was cold, drab and misty. The sun still sleeping behind the glistening silver clouds.  I stepped out, my breath heavy and visible, fingers numb, coldness stretching through the back of my shoulders. But my mind was focused.

My headphones switched on, music filtered and absorbed my body. With phone in hand, my legs  felt that rhythm; my mind was focused. My heart was pounding, the beat was in my bones, I knew this day was going to be a good day… with each passer-by a smile and a good morning, the energy  flowing and filling every cell in my body.

Then, momentarily the sun glowed from behind the cloud, with phone is hand, I  wanted that click …. as I pressed to click, WTF my phone died, music left my ears – then a road I see, to double back . The choice in hand, do I take that short cut home and trash my run……my day! But my mind is in focus – I am here , I am in the now and I am present . In focus, there was no way I was going to give up on that run, I said to myself … “I’m not going to trash my day ” – and without that click and without that pumping music – I know the mind in focus will achieve come what may – lesson of the yoga mat came to me – Do I let the distraction get a hold of me, or do I get hold of it… there’s no short cut for me as I progress into my day … I know in everyday there will be a situation to distract me, to tell me to take that short cut….


Jagdeep Dosanjh-Badwal – Yoga Teacher




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Total Yoga is a balanced style of Yoga that focuses on Fitness training and Mindfulness practice equally.


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