Why Easter is the best reminder to transform yourself

Every year New Year’s Day comes along and we are overtaken by a special need to improve; nay TRANSFORM ourselves starting from Jan 1st! Of course we all have taken New Year Resolutions – so much so that its now trendy to take a resolution not to have a New Year resolution! 🙂 Crazy, because apart from the simple change of year on the calendar – Jan 1st has no other real significance. It does not have the emotional impact that a religious festival can bring about. So how are we to INSPIRE ourselves to become that fantastic human we now dream of being? Can a date-change truly inspire? Not really.

So, when is a good time to re-invent ourselves? I once read a fabulous quote by the Indian actor-superstar Shah Rukh Khan. He said (and I quote), “Life begins when you want it to begin!” However, we often look for dates in the year and tell ourselves that we will change from that day onwards. Birthdays tend to be popular for this, you know that already!

Looking at the various auspicious dates in the calendar; we come across many birthdays of Gods and Saints. We also have other dates commemorating special occasions in the lives of the great people who have lived in the past. Cultural festivities, Harvest season occasions and the like are also there. But perhaps the most strident of these when it comes to Transformation is Easter. Although the world celebrates Christmas with much fanfare – there really would have been no Christmas without Easter! Easter celebrates the grandest transformation of all – from Death to Eternal Life. There can be no bigger self-transformation that this for sure. So let us all seek INSPIRATION to TRANSFORM our lives on this wonderful occasion. And then we can rightly say, Life began when we decided it should!


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