Is it Safe to practice yoga during Pregnancy

Yoga during Pregnancy?

Yes. Yes and a big Yes! Yoga can be very beneficial during pregnancy, as long as you take certain precautions. Besides, for every trimester, there is a different routine.

Points to Remember

1. Practice basic poses with a few modifications: Build strength and encourage flexibility with familiar poses. Use props to provide balance and stability.

2. Avoid inversions, closed twists, and backbends: Skip anything that might compress the uterus or overstretch the abdominal muscles.

3. Encourage a long relaxation at the end of class.

Benefits of Pre-natal Yoga

1. Power of Breathing: Ujjayi breath is the central breathing technique used in yoga. Thus, breathing helps you stay calm and prepares you for labour. Also, it keeps the blood pressure and heart rate optimal.

2. Strength and Flexibility: There is going to be increased pressure in your back and lower body. Thus, strengthen them to keep you and the baby safe. Besides, improved flexibility keeps you moving for a longer duration.

3. Relieves tension: As the baby grows, more stress is put upon specific muscle groups. Such as lower back, upper back, neck and shoulders. Thus, the asanas help in relaxation.

4. Increased blood circulation: Circulation is enhanced in the joints and muscles during yoga practice.Blood circulation is beneficial as, the swelling is decreased. Also immunity is enhanced, creating a healthy environment for a growing baby.

5. Connect with the baby: A prenatal yoga practice allows us to slow down. Thereby, helping us become aware of whats’ happening inside the body.


Research suggests that prenatal yoga can have many benefits for pregnant women and their babies. Studies have suggested that practicing yoga while pregnancy can also improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, increase the strength, flexibility and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth.

Also “Listen to your body.” Every mother has her own journey. If you feel any discomfort, “Stop.” You’ll probably need to modify each pose as your body changes. Lastly, in some cases, even asana practice is forbidden.

Consult your doctor and keep practicing yoga!

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