Remembering Gandhi: ‘Clean Cubbon Park’ drive

OCT 2nd is etched in the minds of every Indian as the birthday of our dear ‘Bapu’ – the Father of Modern India. It is no mean feat to stand out amongst the countless geniuses and exceptional human beings who have graced a culture as old as India! In fact, Gandhi’s role in the shaping of the world that we all live in is truly astonishing. This is best encapsulated in Einstein’s quote on Gandhi’s 70th birthday:

“Generations to come, it may well be, will scarce believe that such a man as this one ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth.”

It’s always a fascinating study to understand what makes a great man truly GREAT. The achievements of course; in Gandhi’s case it’s the classic DAVID v/s GOLIATH story of a ‘half-naked fakir’ (as described by Churchill) standing up against the might of the greatest Empire the world had ever seen. And winning! But, more than that – it’s the methods he used that have shaped the 20th century. As the century is remembered for the overthrow of Imperial power; Gandhi’s methods of NON-VIOLENCE resonate with oppressed peoples the world over. Seldom in history has a Statesmen elevated into the rarefied atmosphere of Saintliness – with Gandhi this seemingly unbridgeable chasm is nearly crossed!

KARMA YOGA: As YOGIS; there is much to learn from the Great Man. Gandhi’s methods are best described as KARMA YOGA – the Yoga of Action. Of Selfless service to the community. As Yogis; we are often too fascinated with RAJA YOGA and its magnificent highs of Meditation – and seldom venture out to help our NEIGHBOURS. We need to complete our Yoga journey by imbibing the selfless service to everyone, that is KARMA YOGA.


To commemorate Gandhiji’s birthday, TOTAL YOGA invites all students, yogis and volunteers to join in a “Clean Cubbon ParkDrive. Cubbon Park is an institution that all of us Bangaloreans relate to. From summers spent in Bal Bhavan to jaunts in Cubbon Park; it’s a wonderful legacy that requires our caring! So, we’ve decided to take a leaf out of Bapu’s book and look to serve the community. We are organising a Clean-Up drive that will have volunteers rid the Park (approx 30 acres) of Plastic bags, littered Papers and other rubbish; which will be deposited in huge Dust-bins. All are welcome to give their time to this noble cause.

When: 8:30am, OCT 2nd  > Observing 1 minute’s silence at Gandhi’s statue (outside Chinnaswamy Stadium)

: 8:35am > Assembly at Rock formation in Cubbon Park for 25 min of Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation (opp Bal Bhavan)

: 9:00am > “Clean Cubbon Park” Drive begins!

RSVP: director@total-yoga.org; +91 9900097056

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