Project Description

Veerabhadrasana is named after the mythological warrior-hero ‘Veerabhadra’, created in Shiva’s warath to avenge his consort, Sati.

Veerabhadrasana is a wonderful Yoga posture that helps the practitioner develop his/ her strength, flexibility and balance. The posture is highly beneficial to tone the legs, to lose weight and to stretch the upper body and torso. Apart from the benefits that are inherent for the lower body, this asana stretches the solar plexus causing the person to overcome sleep and drowsiness. So it’s a great asana to incorporate in your morning yoga routine.

How to do Veerabhadrasana?

  • From a basic standing posture, open your legs outwards so that the feet are wide apart.
  • Turn your right foot sideways so that the toes point outwards towards the front of your mat. Left foot remains parallell to the back of the mat.
  • Slowly start bending your right knee till you can lower your hips, trying to bring the right thigh parallel to the floor.
  • Join your palms together and raise your outstretched hands over your head.
  • Stretch your torso and reach upwards, arching your upper body backwards. Hold this posture for 15secs – 1min, while breathing normally.
  • Then return to the start posture and relax your legs.
  • Then repeat on the other leg.
How does the warrior mindset help you in your practice?

“Who is the happy warrior? Who is he that every man in arms should wish to be? It is the generous spirit, who, when brought among the tasks of real life, hath wrought upon the plan that pleased his boyish thought. Whose high endeavors are an inward light that makes the path before him bright. Who, with a natural instinct to discern what knowledge can perform, is diligent to learn, and in himself posses his own desire.” -William Wordsworth