Project Description

  • Lying in shavasana stretch out both hands paralell to the shoulders, palms facing down.
  • Bend your right knee and place the right sole on the left thigh.
  • Bring the knee down toward the floor, twisting to the left side.
  • Be sure to keep the right shoulder in contact with the floor. Turn the head to the right.
  • Stay for a few breaths, inhale and come back to the center. Change sides.

This asana rectifies the disorders of hip joint, relieves the strain and pain of the waist and pelvic area, removes the unnecessary fats stored in the waist area, eliminates constipation by providing abdominal massage. It can be performed after back bending to ensure suppleness of the spine. This asana is also great for those suffering form diabetes. The pancreas is squeezed in the twist secreting insulin and promoting healthy function of the pancreas.

By Manish Pole and Catherine Juliano