Project Description

  • Start in sharnagat mudra. Be sure to keep the hands in the same position
    throughout the practice.
  • Lift the buttock from the heels and slowly begin to move forward.
  • Slide the chest as close to the ground as possible and begin to
    arch the back as you extend the elbows.
  • Open the chest and lift the chin in the final position.
  • Stay here for a few moments and then begin to move backward. Pushing
    the hips back toward the heels as you exhale.

How it helps:

This asana combines the benefits of the backward bend of bhujangasana and the
forward bending of sharnagat mudra. Dynamic movements are a great way to limber up the spine and can also be beneficial when preparing for other backbends. It tones the abdominal and pevic muscles and promotes
good bowel movements. It also is useful in relieving menstrual cramps, backache and neck ache.