Project Description

Sarpasana also called snake pose , helps straighten and correct the posture , particularly rounded shoulders and has a profound strenthening effect on the back muscles.
How to do it?
1. Lie flat on your stomach with your legs straight and feet together.
2. Interlocking your hands behind place them above your buttocks. keep your chin on the floor .
3.  Breathe in and Raise your chest above, as far as possible from the floor.
4. Push your hands further behind and raise your arms as high as comfortable.
5. Hold for 30sec to 1min with controlled and slow breathing.
6. Breathe out and Slowly return to your original position releasing your hands.
7. Turn to one side and sit upright.
8. Repeat this asana 3 times.
People suffering from the following problems must not practice this asana:
Peptic ulcer
Intestinal tuberculosis
High BP/ Heart conditions
It tones the ovaries and uterus
Helps in menstrual and gynecological disorders.
Keeps the spine supple and healthy
Stimulates appetite and alleviates constipation.
Beneficial for kidneys and the liver.
  – Ruchi Renavikar