Project Description

Natrajasana (Lord Natraj’s pose) is one of the classic Yogasanas, and it helps you to develop the strength in your thighs. Most of you will be familiar with this posture, as it is similar to the dance postures in Indian traditional dances like Bharatnatyam! Apart from strength of the lower body, Natrajasana promotes balance of the body and a feeling of stability and determination in the mind.

This Yogasana is highly beneficial to those trying to lose weight! The most important muscles to work on if you are trying to lose weight are the bigger muscles of the body, such as the thighs. When these muscles are worked out and broken down, the muscles require adipose tissue from the body to re-build themselves. This adipose (fat) is usually found in the person’s abdominal area – in this way Natrajasana helps in maintaining a lean body.

How to do Natrajasana?

  • Stand with feet wider then shoulder width apart
  • Exhale and start bending your knees till you can lower your hips almost such that the thighs are paralell to the floor.
  • Join your palms together and raise your outstretched hands over your head.
  • Try to lengthen the spine as much as possible by tucking the tailbone under. Hold this posture for 30secs – 1min, while breathing normally. Then return to the start posture and relax your legs.

If you have damaged your knees or ankles through an accident or through arthritis, avoid this asana as the joints will be strained when they have to support the load of the body.

If you are unable to do the pose initially, then you can do the same by placing your palms against a wall or on a table for support. As the legs strengthen you won’t need the support.