Project Description

  • Begin in the standing position and fix your gaze at one point. This will help you to focus and stay balance throughout the asana practice.
  • Bend the right leg and twist it around the left leg. The top of the right foot should rest on the calf muscle.
  • Bend the elbows and bring them in front of the chest, wrapping the forearms around one another with the left elbow below (an anagram!)
  • Place the palms together to resemble and eagles beak.
  • Balance in this position for some time, Be sure to keep the knees bent and elbows lifted so they stay aligned with the shoulders. Release the arms and the legs and repeat on the other side.

How it helps

Garudasana is great for improving balance and focus. It helps to strengthen the legs and the ankles and loosens the joints of the shoulders and the muscles in the arms and the legs. It is a good stretch for the upper back.

By Manish Pole and Catherine Juliano