Project Description

How to do Dwi Hasta Bhujasana

  • Squat with feet about 45 cm apart. Place both palms flat on the floor between the feet.
  • Focus on a fixed point
  • Begin transferring your weight onto the arms beginning with the right side.
  • Take the left foot off the floor and wrap it around the left arm. The thigh should be resting on the upper arm.
  • Maintain the balance. Transfer the weight of the body back onto both amrs and lift the right leg onto the upper arm above the elbow.
  • The whole body should be supported by the hands. Hold the position for as long as is comfortable. Slowly reverse the order of movements to finish the asana.

How it helps

Dwi hasta bhujasana is great at strengthening the muscles in the arms and increasing the flexibility of the shoulders and the lower back. The visceral organs are gently massaged as the legs press against the abdomen. Its a great asana to practice when you are trying to understand the importance of the core in arm balances. You learn how to shift your weight slowly by lifting from your core to take some weight off the arms. With regular practice of this asana all other arm balances will become simple and enjoyable!

By Manish Pole and Catherine Juliano