Project Description

Natraja is one of the names given to lord Shiva, when he appears as a cosmic dancer. Nata meaning “dancer”, Raja meaning “king”.

How to do Natrajasana?

Stand erect with the feet together.

Transfer weight to the left leg and bend the right leg to hold the big toe with right hand.

As you bend the right knee swivel your shoulder to bring the elbow to face the ceiling, allowing the foot to come near the head.

The other hand is stretched out forward, with fingers in jnana mudra.

Gaze at the outstretched hand.

Stay in this posture as long as comfortable.

Come back to stand. Relax.

Repeat on the other side.


This asana is great for strengthening back, shoulders, arms, hips and legs. And for developing a sense of balance, concentration and grace.