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Chakrasana (wheel pose)

Chakrasana (wheel pose)


How to do Chakrasana?

-Lie on the back with knees bent and the heels touching the buttock.

– Place the palms on the floor besides the head with the fingers pointing towards the shoulders. This is the starting position.

– Slowly raise the body and arch the back, allowing the crown of the head to support the weight of the upper body.

– Move the hands in further towards the body for more support, if necessary.

– Straiten the arms and legs as much as possible without straining and lift the head and trunk from the floor.

– Arch the back as high as is comfortable in the final position.

– Straiten the knees further by moving the trunk towards the head.

– Let the head hang between the strait arms. Stay in the in the final position for as long as is comfortable.

– Slowly lower the body so the head rests on the floor and then lower the rest of the body.


Chakrasana strengthens the legs. It is beneficial to the nervous, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular and glandular systems. It influences all the hormonal secretions and helps relieve various gynaecological disorders.


Chakrasana should only be practiced when you are comfortable with preliminary back bends. Begin with setu asana (bridge pose) or kandharasana (shoulder pose) to build up enough strength to lift the body and to protect the spine from strain.