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Mythical reference:

In Indian mythology this asana is dedicated to Sage Ashtavakra, the spiritual precipitator of King Janaka of Mithila. He was born with eight deformities, hence the name Ashtavakra. In Sanskrti ashta means ‘eight’ and vakra ‘deformities’.

How to do Ashtavakrasana?

1.     Stand with your feet about a metre apart.

2.     Bend your knees, place the right hand between the feet and the left hand just in front of your left foot.

3.     Lift your right leg and place the thigh on your right upper arm just above the elbow.

4.     Place the left foot between your arms bringing it closer to the right foot.

5.     Lift both legs for the floor and interlock them by placing the left foot on the right ankle

6.     Stretch both your legs to the right side.

7.     Ensure that the right arm is between the legs and the right upper arm straight.

8.     Balance on the arms.

9.     Bend your elbows; lower the trunk and head, so that they are parallel to the floor.

10.  Stay in the final posture for as long as is comfortable.

11.  To release, slowly straighten the arms and raise the trunk. Unlock the legs and lower them to the floor.

12.  Return to the starting posture.

13.  Repeat on the opposite side.

This posture must be attempted only once the shoulders and arms have become very strong.
If you have high blood pressure, heart ailments, back or hip problems please do not attempt this asana.


– Komal Jyoti