Project Description

Before attempting this pose you should be comfortable with both padmasana and merudandasana.

How to do ardha padma merudandasana:

– Sit with legs strait in front of the body.

– Slowly bend the right leg and grasp the top of the foot, placing it on top of the left thigh. The sole should face upward and the heel should be close to the pubic bone.

– Bend the left leg and place the sole of the foot on the floor.

– Interlock all ten finger and place the hands just below the ball of the left foot.

– Straiten the spine and tighten the core to help you balance.

– Lean slightly back onto the coccyx and, once the body is balanced, begin to straiten the left leg. Push the heel forward and pull the toes in toward the face.

– Slowly return to the starting position and perform on the other side.

How it helps:

Ardha padma merudandasana is great for digestion. The heel of the right foot massages the internal abdominal organs. It helps to stimulate peristalsis, alleviating constipation. It strengthens the muscles of the back and helps to realign the spine.