Project Description

Mythical references : 

Legend goes that Lord Shiva explained the mysteries of yoga to his companion Parvathi, in the river nearby there was a fish who listened quietly to the entire narrative. Lord shiva realising that the fish had learnt Yoga blessed it. The fish took the divine form of Lord Matsyendra, Lord of the fishes.

How to do Matsyedrasana

Sit with the legs stretched out in front of you.

Bend the right knee in under the left leg, to bring the right foot close to the left buttock.

Bend the left knee to bring the left foot over the right knee and flat on the floor outside of the right knee.

Bring the left hand through the space between the chest and the right knee. Twisting the torso to bring the left armpit over the right knee.

Hold the right foot / ankle with the left hand

Place the right hand on the floor behind and use as a lever to open up your chest.

Sit up straight.

Reverse the movement to come out of the posture and repeat on the other side.


It stretches the muscles on the upper back, shoulders, hips, and neck.

Stimulates the digestive fire in the belly This asana massages the abdominal organs alleviating digestive ailments.It regulates the secretion of the adrenal glands, liver and pancreas.

Contra-indication :

Pregnant women should avoid this asana.