TOTAL YOGA personal training is a highly customized, result-oriented and exclusive offering. Our Yoga Teachers analyze your fitness and stress levels, and design a specific program especially for you. Progress is monitored and results checked every month. Classes are 1 hour each and are done 3 times a week on alternate days, either at your residence or our studio, at a timing depending on your convenience.

  • Personal Training is ideal for people of any age, fitness level or prior experience in yoga.
  • People who have specific fitness goals like Running a Marathon or Losing Weight before an occasion, will benefit from Personal Training.
  • Therapeutic issues are best resolved through Personal sessions.
  • Pre and Post-Natal Yoga is also ideally done as Personal sessions.



I’ve had the pleasure of being trained by Manish Pole and Neetu Singh since January 2013 when I started my yoga training with Total Yoga.  The hallmark to this training was the customised approach adopted for gaining strength and improving body flexibility to reach the ultimate goal of training oneself to sit in meditation.  The training that I received over the last several months, from my own experience was a truly rewarding one.

Manish and Neetu have been thorough and meticulous in their approach towards teaching yoga.  Their passion and commitment to yoga is truly inspiring, especially their compassionate approach in taking yoga to the Home for the Aged as well as their volunteering work at a foundation for women’s empowerment.  People who have got to know Manish and Neetu would be able to vouch for their genuineness in dealing with people and also for their authentic and professional approach to teaching.

Total Yoga has my unqualified professional endorsement  and my deep personal respect.  I wish them both all the very best in life which is truly and well deserved.

– Ashok Vasudevan